O'Charley's Restaurant

Casual dining. So often it is a creative's worst nightmare. Being relegated to a sea of sameness, in a world of food shots...  Not so for this creative. "What do you stand for?" we asked the marketing team. "Uhm steaks and salads, maybe burgers..." they responded. Hmm. What's unique about that? It sounds the same as every other casual dining restaurant. What's proprietary to you O'Charley's?  So yes, you guessed it. Next came the focus groups. And when we asked their consumers, what came back, time and time again?: O'Charley's? they start by bringing out The Rolls! A whole dining experience begins with these incredible, warm, delicious rolls they serve! And it only gets better from there. So, we abandoned ship on the "sea of casual dining food footage sameness" And so we floated, The Rolls campaign.