I've worked at a lot of ad agencies, in a lot of different places, on a lot of different accounts, in every medium you can think of. Because of this, I truly believe chance is what YOU make of it. Tapped by agencies and clients worldwide to consult on creative, strategic, and brand campaign development, I stay true to one simple mantra: We are interrupting people’s entertainment, (be it social, mobile, digital, traditional –really any medium for that matter), what we say damn well better be entertaining and emotional enough to keep them engaged in the content we are pushing. Especially if we want people to remark on it and share it. Practicing this rule has rewarded me abundantly at Cannes, The Webbies, AICP, The Kelly Awards, National ADDYs, and Effies, featured in Communication Arts, The One Show, The Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection, and on ABC's Nightline news, as well as being parodied by The Simpson's. Thank you, Matt Groening.

I hope you enjoy the work you see on this site. It’s only the beginning.